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3 drops price of PAYG mobile broadband

Manoj Solanki, Friday March 28, 2008 - 12:54 PM

3 has cut the price of its ‘pay as you go’ mobile broadband modem.

The 3 USB Modem/Dongle was previously £99.99 to buy as an initial cost, but has now dropped to £69.99.† 3ís pay as you go mobile broadband package then works on similar price plans to pay monthly packages.† Top-ups cost £10/£15/£25 for a 1GB/5GB/7GB allowance and†must be used within 30 days of purchase.†.

Itís even better news for existing 3 customers, who can currently can get an extra £20 discount on the dongle during sign-up, making it £49.99 (not £19.99 as reported on some websites).

This makes 3’s dongle cheaper than similar offerings from Vodafone and T-Mobile, both of which initially cost £99 currently, but a price drop wouldn’t be surprising.

The pay as you go mobile broadband option is ideal for those who do not want a minimum contract period, or do not know if they will use their allowance every month.†

The only thing to be weary of is the cost when the allowance runs out, which stands at a hefty £1 per Megabyte (MB)!† However, 3 allows you to check the allowance used on your laptop or PC.†

Find out more at the 3 Website.

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