Choosing a Broadband bundle

When Carphone Warehouse first offered broadband plus a telephone line for £20 a month, a new wave of communication services was born .... The bundle.

Nowadays, most of the major players in broadband offer bundles. This can offer the benefit of cheaper overall costs when buying from the same provider, with one bill and one point of contact.

That's the theory anyway. However, there are many options available, so it is worth checking out two or three providers before choosing. Consumers should also have a read of the terms and conditions. It really doesn't take long, and makes you aware of what you are signing up to. If you are unsure, you can always give them a call.

So should you buy a bundle from the same provider? Here we list some of the pros and cons plus some choosing tips:

The Pros

  • Can cut costs for most consumers and cheaper compared to buying the same services separately.
  • One company to deal with.
  • One bill a month.

The Cons

  • Most offers come with a 12 to 18 month contract.
  • More than one service tied up with one company can cause problems if you want to leave.
  • Bundles are not for everyone, especially if you have very specific requirements from your services.

Figure out exactly what you need

It is important to ask yourself what services you really need. Make sure that you will make use of all the services that the provider offers in the service. However, if the bundle works out cheaper than your current offer anyway for the same service then it is still worth considering.

Signing up to further services

Many of these bundles will entice you with further services. At an extra cost. For example, if you took out Sky's free broadband package with basic Digital TV, you may then become interested in pay-per-view movies or the premium channels. This is fine, but just be aware that it may cost you more than you originally planned!

How to compare bundles

Look at similar services you currently use and make a note of the monthly and yearly cost. Then search for broadband bundles offering similar packages and compare them against your current service. You can use our broadband comparison page to tailor a search for bundles.