Broadband complaints / issue resolution

Resolving disputes

If you have any issues with your provider it is best to initially try to resolve the issue through normal channels by contacting the company in question. Check if they have a complaints procedure.

Often, you may have an issue that is also affecting other people. It is worth searching around popular message boards to see if anybody else has done something about it. Some good ones to try are Digital Spy, Thinkbroadband and MoneySavingExpert.

Some common issues have already been noted by Ofcom. On their website they advise on how to best deal with these. Here are some direct Ofcom links for common issues:

The full list can be found at: Problems with your internet service.

What to do if your ISP is not listening

Please note that all companies must now be part of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme. As stated by Ofcom: "The ADR scheme acts as an independent middleman between the company and the customer. If the company’s in the wrong, the ADR scheme can order the company to fix the problem and, if needed, pay compensation."

The ISP may have details of its ADR scheme on its website. If not you can call them to find out. There are currently two approved alternative dispute resolution (ADR) schemes: The Office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman (OTELO) and the Communications and Internet Services Adjudication Scheme (CISAS). Your ISP should be a member of one of these.

If you still have no luck, then as we cannot give any legal advice, the best suggestion is to contact Ofcom, the independent regulator and ask their advice about the most appropriate form of action.

Useful Contacts


ADR schemes


  • BT Wholesale Tag/Marker on line:  0800 169 0934 or 0800 1699576