About SeekBroadband

www.seekbroadband.co.uk is a UK based website, started in 2005 as a general broadband information site (first under the guise of The Broadband Resource). It has now grown to become a leading broadband price comparison service, which is completely independent and impartial. The site maintains information on over 100 broadband packages, from large and small providers alike, plus a broadband news column, troubleshooting advice and the pick of the latest broadband offers. The site is owned by a small private UK based company called MS4.

Use of personal information

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Website Contributors

Manoj Solanki
Manoj Solanki, Coventry / London, UK
Website founder, news contributor, general content

David Pawsey
David Pawsey, London UK
Contributor and Analyst for Broadband and ISP news.

David Cox
David Cox, Bristol, UK
Contributor for Broadband and ISP news

How this site is financed

Like other commercial websites, the www.seekbroadband.co.uk website uses advertising and commission from many suppliers and advertisers to fund the running of the web site and business. This also enables SeekBroadband to provide the service for free. This does NOT affect the end price that the user pays for their service. Please note that not all the providers listed on our website provide us with commission, they are included simply because we think they offer a good service.

Please also note that the SeekBroadband price comparison service is truly impartial and unbiased. No preference is given to any particular provider when presenting information to the end user. The user is also in control of how listings are presented at all times and information can be sorted by price, contract length, first year cost, speed and usage allowance.

PR / media related enquiries

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