BT offers free upgrade to fibre broadband to bundle customers

BT has announced a free upgrade to its Fibre broadband service for BT customers who take a bundle of broadband, phoneline and calls.

BT’s fibre broadband service, called ‘BT Infinity’, offers up to 40Mbps download speeds and upload speeds of up to 10Mbps and is due to become available to around two thirds of UK premises by 2015.  BT states that it is making significant progress and its fibre deployment is one of the fastest in the world.

 The free upgrade offer is for Option 2 and 3 customers. There is a small additional monthly charge for the upgrade for Option 1 users.

Once fibre becomes available in their area, BT bundle customers could get fibre broadband from £7.49 (excluding line rental) per month on the 3 months introductory offer on Option 1, which has a 2Mbps upload speed.  The full 10 Mbps upload speed is available on all Option 2 packages.

Line connection is free, which BT says will offer customers a saving over its rivals – Sky charges £39 and TalkTalk charges £69.99 for a new line.

There is however a £25.00 connection charge for BT Infinity for Option 1 packages, but this is free on other packages.

Find out more about BT Total Broadband and BT Infinity at the BT website.

One thought on “BT offers free upgrade to fibre broadband to bundle customers

  1. it isn’t fibre unless its fibre to the home. The ASA has already stopped BT calling it fibre in adverts. Its the same old story, if it has to go through copper phone wires into your house it is not fibre broadband.

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