BT announces milestone of 15 million broadband users

BT has announced that it now has over 15 million home and business users accessing its broadband network.

The 15 million figure includes its own retail unit as well connections through other ISPs that use its network to offer a broadband service.  BT’s own retail broadband arm which includes BT Total Broadband commands over a third of these total connections.

In August 2002, it had around 200,000 broadband connections when (ADSL) broadband was in its early days as a commercial product.

BT also added that the UK had around 19 million broadband customers in total when taking into account Virgin Media’s Q2 figures and is currently ahead of France, Germany and the USA in terms of broadband takeup as a percentage of total households (according to the OECD Portal 2010 report).

BT is currently in the process of rolling out fibre optic broadband to serve around two thirds of the UK, equating to around 16.5 million UK premises and will offer download speeds of up to 40Mbps.

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